Revisiting horror’s first real “Final Girl”.

Let’s face it. Final Girls weren’t feminist until “Scream” and Sidney Prescott.

Revisiting “Teeth” and its views on sexual education.

Dawn is a normal high school girl with a…gift (Teeth, 2007).

David Cronenberg’s most personal film dissects the price of male privilege.

Frank wears this expression of vague disappointment for the entire film (The Brood, 1979).

Women in Mexican horror films represent a growing gender equality movement in the face of government inaction.

Rising femicide rates in Mexico have finally led to mass protests and walk-outs.

These scary movies reflect a real gender violence issue.

Always ask to see your gynecologist’s tools before scheduling an appointment. (Dead Ringers, 1988).

We Wanna Be in the Sequel

Being a lady is freaky enough. We just took it one step further. Talking about all things feminist and horror.

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